Why mina

At MINA, we believe that great food and service starts with great people.

We are obsessed with connecting with people through cuisine (nourishment, enjoyment, refinement, exploration), beverage (connecting the story of terroir and winemakers, the craft and history of spirits and cocktails, the lore of beer), ambience (warmth, uplifting, energizing, evocative) and human interaction, all embodied in the craft of true care-taking.

Our perpetual desire to enhance these connections drives our commitment to share our passions and enrich lives. We are always looking for talented, like-minded employees who are dedicated to refining their skill sets, crafting exceptional experiences, and fostering our outstanding culture.

Our People

MINA’s greatest asset is its people. It’s our people and our culture of continuous improvement that allows us to deliver exceptional, fulfilling experiences. We strive to create genuine value in all our relationships and aim to establish an experience for our employees that moves them from associate to team member to family.

Our people are:

● Passionate
● Intriguing and Engaging
● Disciplined and Focused
● Guest Service Oriented
● Excited by Growth and Opportunities for Advancement
● Experts in their Chosen Fields

PABU & Ramen Bar Opening Party

“Great service is our esprit de corps. It is accomplished through the dedication of our staff to care for our guests in a gracious, humble, sincere manner. Our restaurants, events, and experiences can only achieve the truly exceptional by understanding that we are here to serve and accommodate our guests.

Every single member of the team has to truly embrace and elevate hospitality to a true work of art and have a sincere desire to please every guest who enters our four walls. This sentiment is the intangible that we must embrace – felt by the energy in the room and seen on the faces of our guests. Great service is our ability to put smiles on the faces of our guests and make them feel even better than they did before they enter our doors.

This is how we deliver on our promise: we are your world of WOW.”

Patric Yumul, President of MINA Group

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Del Mar

To join the International Smoke Del Mar team, please email your resume to the following contact:

General Manager:
Alexander Farris



Las Vegas

To join the International Smoke Las Vegas team, please email your resume to the following contact:

General Manager:
Sasa Petrovic

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San Francisco

To join the International Smoke San Francisco team, please email your resume to the following contact:

General Manager:
Leilani Levig

Executive Chef:
John Tubolino

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